Welcome to Karmony Coaching

I created this space to share the information, techniques and exercises I used to face the challenges in life.

All of these lessons were part of my healing protocol in over-coming cancer.

The more I talk about my healing journey, I recognise how valuable this work is for people.  So I need to get over my own ego which says ‘I shouldn’t’, or ‘I can’t’ talk about cancer, and just put my story out there for people to find their own way with it.  I am the ‘woman-who-talks-about cancer’.  Even when the word is mentioned in conversation the air changes, shoulders raise & breath is held.  I want to create the conversations and work that allows us to approach this, and other taboo topics, with compassion, belief and empowerment.

I believe we can always continue to work on ourselves to improve our lives; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I believe it’s all deeply connected and our outside challenges are often just mirrors and manifestations for what is going on inside of ourselves.  Loving ourselves fully through these times, offers that opportunity to realise we have a choice in how we respond to difficulty or crisis.

Working on our inner-core being, and self-belief is paramount.  You will meet yourself very deeply in those times of crisis, and that will be the first time most of us will have touched our core.  Give yourself the tools to work on your sense of self, before you need to rely on it.