Steps To Manifesting

I was told the best the Dr’s expected was to stabilise me, and that I’d be living with cancer for the rest of my life.  I knew this wasn’t going to be my story.

I used alot of manifesting to get me to a place of absolute health.  Instead of focusing on the disease, I focused on the end result of feeling and looking perfectly healthy, and stepped into that place where I was already feeling and looking 100% healthy.  Even when I asked directions at the hospital on treatment days, the hospital volunteers checked in that I was in fact looking for the Chemotherapy ward and wasn’t mistaken, as I looked so well.  They also often mistook the friend who was with me for the one they assumed was having the treatment as I always looked so healthy.


Remember: Vision + Action = Manifestation

1. Create a clear vision

The more detail you add to this the better.
Make it measurable – this will feed your belief.
Pictures, visualisation, vision boarding etc.

2. Look at your blocks and release them

List the pros and cons – make sure there are more pros.
What you get from not achieving your goal.
How do you and others gain when you achieve your goal?

3. Feel that vision as if it is already – how does that FEEL?

You’re telling your body and mind that this is already occurring.
Put yourself in settings and scenarios of full health.
Visualisation with details and sensations to get the FEELING of already achieving your goal.
Do things that make you feel healthy and full of life.

4. Gratitude

Giving thanks for the support you get: family, friends, the universe.
Devote your practise.
Devotional practise: dance, prayers, chanting.

5. Be open to receiving!

Believe without doubt: surround yourself with believers, don’t listen to the non-believers.
Don’t ask how.


This process can be used in all areas of your life; health, wealth, love, work etc

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