Steps To Manifesting Abundance

Remember: Vision + Action = Abundance

1. Create a clear vision

The more detail you add to this the better.
Make it measurable – this will feed your belief.
Pictures, visualisation, vision boarding etc.

2. Look at your blocks and release them

List the pros and cons – make sure there are more pros.
What you get from not achieving your goal.
How do you and others gain from you achieving your goal.

3. Feel that vision as if it is already – how does that FEEL?

You’re telling your body and mind that this is already occurring.
Put yourself in abundant settings.
Visualisation with details and sensations to get the FEELING of already achieving your goal.
Do things that make you feel good.

4. Gratitude

Giving thanks for the support you get: family, friends, the universe.
Devote your practise.
Devotional practise: dance, prayers, chanting.

5. Be open to receiving!

Believe without doubt: surround yourself with believers, don’t listen to the non-believers.
Don’t ask how.

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