What my first coffee in 4 years taught me……

I gave up coffee 4 years ago after drinking probably 6 cups a day on average whilst running my business.  I gave up smoking and upped my coffee intake to replace it, and by 3pm I could hardly sit down still at my laptop, would get the jitters, and grind my teeth so bad during my sleep I had to get a mouth guard.

Then 2 and a half years ago I gave up tea also and went caffeine free as part of my Alkaline anti-cancer protocol.

Today I met a friend in a trendy juice bar and ordered a ‘Vegtella Latte’, which I assumed was a vegan Nutella hot chocolate containing no caffeine, as nothing else in that section of the menu contained coffee i.e. Turmeric Latte or Chaga Mushroom latte.

At first sip I knew instantly that it was a coffee-based drink, but I made the decision to drink it anyway…. what harm could it do?

15 mins later, I was less than halfway through it and I was wired.  The effect was almost instant.  I was high aa a kite, talking at 100 miles per hour and even mid chat had to stand up from my chair on the pavement outside the café and have a full body shake to release some of the tension / energy which had built up in my system.

I spoke to the waitress and ordered a big water and a green alkaline juice to try to straighten me out, as I was floating off my chair with the buzz, leaning onto the chair next to me to hold me in place and stop me levitating off.

2 hours later and I found myself at my boyfriends dancing along to the whirring of the Nutri-bullet as if I was on pills at a dodgy club on a Friday night.  My boyfriend offered to find a tranquilliser gun.

4 hours later and I was still buzzing at speed turning up to my regular Bounce fitness class.


What I learnt….

  • Caffeine has such a radical affect on the body. I have been completely caffeine or stimulant free for over 2 and half years now,  and one coffee had this huge affect on me. So the body in its natural state is not prepared to be stimulated in the way that coffee does.  But people’s bodies adjust and build up an unhealthy tolerance as consumption of coffee is a huge thing in society as we all get our Costa cards stamped and can’t face a day in the office without coffee on tap.


  • My jaw is where I hold my tension. The coffee had a very physical affect on my face and the jaw in particular.  AS soon as I became aware of the tension created I was shocked to find how much I was holding there and how much I was unconsciously keeping my jaw in the state of tightness.


  • My nervous system was negatively affected. Whilst driving home 3 hours post-coffee I became fearful of skidding on a slightly damp bit of road.  This was an unwarranted fear as I knew my tyres and brakes were good, the weather conditions were fine, and the road wasn’t dangerously wet.  But I was ready to jump with anxiety as my fight or flight response was turned on awaiting the next ‘Tiger’ to leap out at me.


  • My heart rate was racing. Now I’m above average fitness as I’m a regular Yoga bunny and do high intensity cardio a few times a week, as well as super healthy diet, but my heart was leaping out my chest as I was just casually walking along.  If this poor leaping heart was constantly being fed coffee, and in a weaker or over-weight body the strain would have been immense.  This also leads me to question the use of caffeine fuelled energy drinks at the gym or during fitness sessions.


  • My mouth was so dry, even after drinking green juice and plenty of water.  No wonder when sat at a desk or in a meeting one coffee automatically can lead to another and another.


  • Due to the overstimulating nature of the coffee I was unable to tune into the subtle signals in my body which I have been so good at hearing over the last few years. These subtle signals give me a direct response to the food I eat, when its time to rest and how far I can push myself.  I’ve been a regular at Bounce, a high cardio fitness class for a few years now, and I know my limits, and listen to my body.  But at the class I attended fuelled by coffee I was able to push my body beyond my natural and normal limits.  This isn’t good!!!  Even though my bodies signs of sweating and shortness of breath, my legs were still able to pump faster.  I had to be super conscious of not pushing myself to or over my limits in this adrenalized, caffeinated state as too much strenuous exercise can just create acidic build up and stress in the system leasing to toxicity and inflammation.  And the sweat!!!!  In Chinese Medicine the skin is called the Third Kidney, as it’s a route of elimination for toxins.  So, sweating is a way of the body releasing toxins before building up.  Hard exercise plus toxins from caffeine = lots of sweat, above and beyond the normal amount.


  • Lack of concentration. At my Bounce fitness class, I felt it tough to follow the very basic routines which I’d done many times before.  Plus, I struggled with keeping in time to the music, which as a past dance teacher I’m ashamed to admit.  I was losing concentration and focus on what the instructor was saying, distracted by the lights or what was going on outside the window and at times lost my balance and almost fell off my mini=trampoline.   This interested e as so many caffeine tablets and energy drinks are marketed as enhancing concertation.  Maybe this was my ‘come down’ from my high, but even if it was I was still buzzing for hours to come and unable to sleep come 11pm.  Again, you can see why so many people get to this point of the caffeine winding down and reach for more to top up their sharpness if they’re used to high levels of caffeine in their system stimulating high activity during their working day.  Caffeine may help us achieve things faster but with what affect to our health.


  • Prioritised ‘getting things done’ over my health. When I got back from my fitness class I recognised that instead of sitting and having a drink, I found myself doing small tasks.  Washing up, sorting recycling, pairing socks etc even though I needed a little rest and some water.  I was in a state of ‘doing’ instead of being able to just ‘be’, due to the high caffeinated energy level I was in.

I was honestly ‘Off my t*ts’ as they’d say in my hometown in Essex.  How is this stuff even legal, social acceptable and so readily available?

I speak to people who say they can’t function in the morning without a coffee.  This is a sign that we caffeinate ourselves to fight against our natural rhythms telling us to be softer and slower with ourselves in the morning.

I juice every morning. This gives me my ‘high’.  If I go to Yoga and haven’t juiced I really feel a difference in my energy levels.

ABC juice:  Apple, Beetroot, Carrot, Lemon, Ginger.


Green Juice:  Kale, Celery, Cucumber, Apple, Lemon, Ginger

See here for my blog on combing juicing and coffee enemas.

Now I talk a lot about coffee enemas and people say to me ‘I’m too sensitive to coffee to do a coffee enema’, but as the coffee bypasses the digestive tract it has no buzz effect on me.  The idea of a coffee enema is to stimulate the liver and the bile ducts to release and assist toxins in moving through and out the body.

The only way to take coffee, in my opinion is up the bum!

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