Coming out of the Cannabis closet

FACT: Cannabis heals!!!!

I’m not a pot smoking teenager, or a jobless waster.  In fact 2 years ago I was hugely anti-cannabis, as I HAD been a pot smoking teenager for so many years.  It took alot for me to quit smoking weed in my 20’s.  In fact it took a ex-boyfriend of mine turning psychotic from weed abuse coupled with untreated mental health issues for me to finally quit.  And I would never go back…or so I thought.

By the time Cancer hit I was a successful, self-made, independent business woman in her 30’s.  I had no interest in getting high, ‘hanging out’ or doing anything that depleted my motivation, drive or ability to stay focused and in control.

I didn’t start using Cannabis oil till 3 months after my stage 4 cancer diagnosis, though I’d been advised to by friends and done all the research and reading into it.  I just didn’t want to turn into a stoner. I didn’t want others to judge me.   I didn’t want to lose the ability to run my business and stay level headed.

So I changed my diet, started detoxing my body and my home, and did everything else for my health, and saw definite improvements before I finally reached for the cannabis oil.

Both CBD and THC oil are needed for overcoming most cancers (in different ratios, cancer depending).  CBD oil is legal and pretty trendy these days it seems, but the stuff you can buy off the shelf doesn’t really touch the sides if you’re using it for overcoming the tougher diseases / conditions.  THC (the illegal stuff) was also required in my journey with overcoming cancer, as it contains different cannabinoids to CBD which are beneficial to the healing process, and actually do the work of shrinking tumours.

I had to go via the illegal routes to get it.  Don’t ask me, I never tell my source.  But if you Google Rick Simpson, he has a recipe online to make your own.

I didn’t become a stoner.  I became a scientist. A self-healer.


I discovered that using Cannabis oil suppositories was an effective way to get it into your system.  Great, not only was I about to embark on a cannabis oil journey potentially losing control, becoming paranoid or not able to function, but also I was going to start sticking things up my bum too.  Life was taking interesting turns!

But suppositories were alot less likely to get you high, so it was my chosen route. 95% of people do not get the stoned effect doing C oil suppositories.  I was in the 5% that did of course……

I’ve worked with lots of others doing C oil suppositories and none of them get the high effect.  So I believed there was obviously a benefit in it for my body and my healing, if I was in that 5%.

So for 8 months I was mostly high as a kite, waking up stoned and unable to drive till 3pm most days. But happy and horny!!

Turning up at the studio for work, teaching dance classes, struggling to remember the choreography.  But I also took this as another sign that part of my healing from cancer was also about letting go, slowing down and actually, stopping completely.  Prior to cancer nothing would have stopped me from striving to achieve, pushing myself and my body too far and running my business at 100 miles per hour.  Then cancer turned up, shouting out ‘Slow the f*ck down’.  And I didn’t.  Even with cancer I still wasn’t able to give my body time to heal, I was still running a business.

I’m now mentoring people, and so many of them are proud that they’re still working and that cancer hasn’t stopped them….. My advise?  Look closely at what you need to drop in your life to give your body the space and time it needs to heal itself.  Cancer isn’t an accident.  I believe its an outcome from a whole range of situations in our lives including environments, stress levels, emotional factors and family history.  So if cancer comes knocking, start listening and take a very conscious look at what is in your life that isn’t serving you.

I was taking a tiny amount of C oil, far less than advised for someone with stage 4 cancer to overcome.  But my body wasn’t adjusting to the dose so I listened to my body (not others advise and experiences) and stayed on my low level dose, as that was enough to slow me down…that was the healing I needed more so.  Space for my body to heal itself.

I got clear scan results 7 months after diagnosis, and a month later my jam jar of premixed cannabis oil sprung a leak all over my bag.  I took that as a sign that I didn’t need it anymore even though I was advised to keep up a maintenance dose. But the maintenance dose was higher than the dose I had been taking anyway.

Taking cannabis oil is not the magic pill that will cure you.  It was part of a whole protocol of changes I made in my life.  You can’t just take cannabis oil (like popping the meds from a Dr) and then continue your life as normal, working hard and fast, and eating inflammation creating foods, and expecting things to change.

Change comes from within.

Now go love the shit out of yourselves!

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