The importance of play

The importance of play!

When I let go of my previous business after Cancer, people would ask ‘what are you going to do for work?’ I had no real reply….. So instead of ‘work’, I made myself a promise that I was going to spend a year in ‘play’.


Play is so important to not just only children and their development but also for adults too.  Its serious downtime.  Its free and creative, also bonding to do with partners or friends.  Relaxing and refreshing without the usual targets and goals we have looming over us in the structured world of Adulting.

There are also studies that show that if you give yourself more play time then you will be more productive during your working hours.

Also it relieves us of stress which ultimately calms our nervous system and boosts our immune system, so its also good for our physical health too.


Its tough as our minds are so programmed to have a schedule and be productive.  Theres a little voice that creeps in every now and then telling me I should be doing more or trying harder.  And that because I don’t have an official J.O.B I’m going to somehow fail in life.  But I just drop into my breathe and stay in the present, asking myself ‘How am I right now?’  And right now I’m not failing at life, I’m happy and healthy and abundant.


I try now to only do things that fill me with joy.  Yoga, hooping, dancing, sea swimming, making Kombucha, experimental cookery, singing. So through my joy has come my ‘work’: meeting amazing people through my talks, retreats and workshops.


When was the last time you allowed yourself the space and freedom for unstructured, non-goal orientated, creative play?

Set yourself a little adventure this week, by giving yourself some play time.  What does that look like for you?

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