Food For Life retreat: Where conscious cookery, embodiment and self-love are combined.

I overcame terminal cancer in under 7 months by following a self-healing holistic protocol along with the modern medicine I was offered as palliative care only. My intention was always to glide through cancer (I don’t use words like fight or battle or beat it) and I did. No pain, no suffering and no treatment side effects.

Diet and nutrition was a huge part of my healing.  I chose a Vegan Alkaline diet.

People often think its difficult, restrictive or boring to eat the way I do.

Not at all!!!!

I am and always have been a massive foodie, so there was no way I would stick to a limiting diet.  Since changing how I eat I’ve been more creative with my cooking and food choices than ever and its opened up a whole world to me.

People still offer me chocolate or a cake saying ‘Allow yourself a treat’.  But to me those things are not a treat.   My clean diet has made me super sensitive and  acutely tuned in to the subtle energies in my body, I can really feel how things like sugar, wheat or dairy affect me, when these things do slip into my food.  I feel bloated, or sluggish, or have a energy drop.


These days my diet is so clean that my body just sings and I don’t need sugar or caffeine to keep me going, I’m super charged by plants!!!


When friends come to eat with me they love my food and cooking, people leave my house feeling healthier and full of life.

I want everyone in my world to feel as amazing in their bodies as I do, so of course I want people eating a super healthy, fun, nutrition packed diet.


If I’m wanting to convince people that this diet is the way forward I can’t just be feeding them salad and kale juice (even though I love those too)

When people see the food at my retreats which is so colourful and vibrant their eyes are fed by the goodness in it aswell as our bellies.


So I created my Food For Life retreat:

Where conscious cookery, embodiment and self-love are combined.

The Food For Life Retreat is a weekend of fuelling our bodies, hearts and minds with what we need to have a nourishing, fulfilling and embodied experience. Another beautiful Karmony Coaching weekend to connect and share over great food with amazing company. This is the place to roll up your sleeves up and get involved with making changes and learning great recipes ready to find a whole new healthy way of living and cooking food which is both nutritious and delicious.
Includes cookery lesson and a recipe book to take home.

But this retreat isn’t just about cookery, its about our whole mindset around food, self-nurture and everything that nourishes us.  We so often make decisions that are self-sabotaging, so how can we step into a new healthier way of committing to our well-being, not just our physical health?

There will be recipe sharing, a hands-on cooking lesson learning multiple dishes aswell as plenty of meditation, mind-set teaching, laughter and heart-connection.


This retreat is residential so healthy, awesome food and great accommodation included, and worth the journey. It’ll be a Friday evening to a Sunday evening, so two nights stay in a beautiful old Manor House in Hertfordshire. And a great way to meet like minded people.

The response to me putting this out there has been overwhelming, so if you’d like the booking form and details do get in touch:


As far as I can find it’s the only retreat of its kind!!!!!

I wish there had been a retreat like this with all the information in one place when I was going through my healing journey.

I’m super excited and just know this’ll be a deep and exploratory journey for all attending.

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