The importance of play

The importance of play! When I let go of my previous business after Cancer, people would ask ‘what are you going to do for work?’ I had no real reply….. So instead of ‘work’, I …

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Coming out of the Cannabis closet

FACT: Cannabis heals!!!! I’m not a pot smoking teenager, or a jobless waster.  In fact 2 years ago I was hugely anti-cannabis, as I HAD been a pot smoking teenager for so many years.  It …

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Power of Gratitude for Health – not just new age flannel.

There’s studies and scientific research that shows those who regularly practise gratitude actually have stronger immune systems, better heart functioning, less inflammation and better sleep – aswell as less of the stress hormone Cortisol, which …

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Alkaline diet: the basics.

I changed to an Alkaline diet at the start of my self-healing process after my cancer diagnosis.  Now there are so many fad diets and systematic ways of eating these days that it’s hard to …

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What my first coffee in 4 years taught me……

I gave up coffee 4 years ago after drinking probably 6 cups a day on average whilst running my business.  I gave up smoking and upped my coffee intake to replace it, and by 3pm …

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