Body, Mind, Soul Retreat

16th – 18th March 2018

Hexton, Hertfordshire

This retreat is for those who believe.  Believe they are worthy of happiness and health. Believe they can overcome the patterns and hurdles they seem limited by.  Those who believe enough in themselves that they are wishing to invest in supporting their physical health, calming their minds from conditioned thought, and nourish their souls. This work is life transforming, for those who embrace it.

Jem Ayres, Karmony founder believes that we can all be celebrating life regardless of our age, ability or situation, and working on our physical, mental and soul health gives us the best foundation from which to maximise our life vibration.  She believes that health and happiness occur not only through the body but also from working with the mind and soul.

The Mind, Body, Soul retreat is the first Karmony weekend working in collaboration with Naturopathic Nutritionist Lucy Pook.

Who we are:

Jem Ayres:

The Body, Mind, Soul retreat came out of a desire to share her knowledge after Jem took a holistic approach to self-healing looking at how dis-ease and toxicity affects all areas of our life. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Jem set about educating herself to make the changes she needed to support her body. She used self-healing techniques whilst going through her treatment which was offered to her as palliative care only, with a slim chance of survival.

‘My intention was always to glide through cancer (I don’t use words like fight or battle or beat it) and I did. No pain, no suffering and no treatment side effects.’

A year later and Jem is the healthiest and most vibrant she has ever been, and ready to spread the word, giving people a choice about how they’re decisions affect their life. With 16 years teaching and workshop leading behind her, running a retreat to share her new found knowledge was the next obvious step.

‘My situation was extreme and my recovery through the process seemed so miraculous that I gained a lot of attention for my health and self-healing knowledge. Every week I’m getting emails and phonecalls not just from many people with cancer but also from friends and others who have been referred to me struggling with hormonal and fertility issue, depression, insomnia, constipation, skin problems and other more serious conditions, asking what changes I made which could help them.   It seems now more than ever we’re living in a world surrounded by toxicity in our products, homes and food.  Our bodies are struggling to keep up with the overload, and illness and disease, whether of the body or the mind, are just symptoms of the lifestyles we are all living.’

Lucy Pook:

Lucy is a naturopathic nutritionist who has worked all over the world for 17 years helping to unravel the confusion of modern day eating habits.  Lucy turned to her passion, diet and nutrition, after suffering from a number of illnesses including asthma, IBS and severe migraines. She felt the need to find answers to her health problems due to her frustration at continually being told to ‘put up with it’ by doctors. She eventually became a qualified nutritionist, studying Natural Nutrition with Barbara Wren in the late 1990s, after finding that a radical change of diet cured her migraines and asthma, while her IBS improved by a remarkable 90%.

Lucy takes her clients on a deep journey to identify the root cause of health problems, also considering the emotional aspects which are vitally important using Chinese 5 elements, Herings law from homeopathy and natural cleansing techniques to help clients move their healing forward gently, simply and easily.

Lucy has also been a raw chocolatier for the last 11 years combining the health benefits of raw chocolate with delicious salivating flavours to help people come off high sugar foods, which are depleting on our immune system.


Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is not just for those struggling with illness, but for everyone who wants to have a more fulfilling life and to step into their magnificence with confidence. Looking at what affect your activity and thoughts have on your body, mind & soul allows you to consciously make choices which create change and shake off limiting beliefs and habits which no longer serve you or your health.

This weekend residential retreat will give you the opportunity to learn about nutrition, coffee enemas, Chinese medicine beliefs, emotional release, meditation, energy and chakra work, healing affirmations, manifestation and plenty more – all techniques which Jem used to glide through her cancer!!! Looking at what your body, mind and soul needs to gain optimal health, and giving you the tools and techniques to make empowered choices for your healthier lifestyle.


The Dower House is an exclusive training and private events venue set in the idyllic surroundings of the Chiltern Hills. Two nights stay in this beautiful old Manor House in Hertfordshire, with all food included.

This retreat weekend is fully residential so comfortable accommodation in shared rooms included, so its well worth travelling to attend. We have a limited number of private rooms available for an extra fee.

The venue also a couple of acres of private grounds with which to relax and unwind in, if you find some spare time during the weekend.

Address: The Dower House, Hexton, Hertfordshire, SG5 3JF


Our Chef for the weekend is amazing at catering for our nutritional needs with food which is sumptious, nutritious AND abundant.  The course vegetarian gourmet menu is high in anti-oxidants, rich in super foods and high in fibre…made with love.  PLUS there’s always enough for seconds, so no one goes home hungry!!!


As this is our first retreat we have received a high level of interest.  We wish to restrict numbers to ensure participants get the information tailored to their individual needs, and the chance to ask plenty of questions.  Therefore, its recommended you book well in advance.

£100 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. Please email Jem to book and receive payment information

Early bird booking: £425 (£100 deposit paid before 31st December 2017)

After 31st January: £460

Full balance to be received by 1st March.

Price covers:

  • 2 night accommodation in comfortable shared rooms. (Limited number of private rooms available for an additional fee.)
  • All meals, snacks and refreshments provided. The healthy food is amazing and abundant!
  • All workshop teaching and resources



Payment must be made at the time of booking to secure your place.

Non-refundable deposit – £100

Bank transfer:

Contact info@karmony-coaching for booking form and payment details

Monthly payment options:

Pay your £100 deposit now then set up a standing order to pay monthly instalments for the remaining amount. Must be paid in full by 1st March.

Abit more…..

This weekend promises to be richly fulfilling. As well as a great way to meet like-minded people to share your journey with, people who want to live healthy, happy and abundant lives.

As far as we can find it’s the only retreat of its kind!!!!! You will be well looked after here.

‘I wish there had been a retreat like this which made self-healing information and techniques so easy and accessible whilst I was living with my cancer diagnosis. I’m super excited and just know this’ll be a deep and exploratory journey for all attending.’

Jem, Karmony founder and retreat facilitator.

Email us for further details:

Alternatively give Jem a call with any questions you may have: 07525 175 922