Tantra one2one: £120 per hour64574_1516175131940070_1523342722_n

Do you make enough space for joy and pleasure in your life? How easily can you connect to your body? We are conditioned from a society which holds so much shame around women’s bodies and sexuality that we have such guilt in following our pleasure. Not just sexually, but pleasure in all that we do. Working tantrically also allows us to release trauma which can be held in the body. Our patterns of behaviour when it comes to the relationship we have with our own bodies and in relating to others are built around the self-love we have for our own skin and the ease in which we allow ourselves space to receive pleasure into our lives.

Through bodywork, energy work, meditation and massage, we can relearn how to release what is holding us back, and recondition those negative patterns we’ve built as a survival technique. Truly life transforming work!

For an informal chat about what the sessions could involve for you, fill out the form below or give me a ring, Jem 07387 348 355.