Online Manifesting Coursewebinar

8 week online course
Starts Monday 19th June till 14th August.
(8 consecutive weeks, except no webinar on 17th July)

Time: 7.30-8.30pm

I’ve been busy beavering away designing this new and exciting online course which promises to be powerful work.
I’m always in awe about how some small changes can make such a huge impact, especially looking at how my life has turned itself around in the last month alone!
This is a group course for a maximum of 6 participants, which will work on stepping into the mindset of abundance, and how you can use manifesting techniques to make your desires a reality in your life.
These methods work whether you’re focussing on creating more abundance in your relationships, work, health, finances, or whichever aspect of your life you choose.
The course is weekly so that we get contact time over a longer period which allows us to see the manifesting in action and to work on the areas that we’re getting stuck on.
This course will allow us to go deeper than a one-off workshop ever could.

This course will include:

– Creating positive affirmation
– Becoming conscious of limiting beliefs
– Dissolving the fears around achieving what we want
– Recognising where what we say doesn’t always come from our deepest desires
– Techniques for releasing thoughts that hold us back
– How to maintain a Believers mindset
– Steps to create a clear vision and how to achieve it
– Visualisation and ‘feeling’ techniques
– Working on the key steps to manifesting in-depth.
– The power of intention setting
– Emotional Freedom Technique or ‘Tapping’ for clearing old thought patterns and inviting abundance into your life.
– Question and answer time each session, so each participant gets feedback and support.
– Homework will be given each week to keep the energy rolling
– Hand-outs and notes will be emailed out

The 8 week course is a perfect opportunity to practise these new mindset techniques regularly so that they become habitual and effortless, this is the point we want to get to! Ease and grace in our lives. Also a great place to check-in each week and looking at where you’re possibly still blocking yourself.

There are only 6 spaces available to ensure you get the most out of the sessions.
Your commitment:
Buy a special journal for this work to bring to each session. You will be set homework and the more energy you put in the more you’re bound to achieve.

You will require access to a computer or laptop each week to be online and able to attend the course.

Once payment has been sent you will be forwarded the Webinar link a few days before the course starts. You need to ensure you are online at the correct time to make sure the course starts promptly and everyone gains from the experience.
I’m asking for £80 contribution for the full 8 weeks. When manifesting, the work begins when you make the decision to committing to yourself by investing in your happiness and well-being. This shows the universe you are serious to make changes and removing blocks to receiving.

Cost: £80
Course are very popular & places are limited – booking with payment required in advance.
Paypal: jemayres@yahoo.co.uk
Bank transfer:
Pay: Jem Ayres
Sort Code: 40-45-20
Account number: 91485016
Ref: *insert name*OMC

Sending much love and abundance to you all.