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Womans Introduction to Tantra1382269_1453576894866561_1843261882_n

Free event

5th October

Through my talks about overcoming cancer, the one part that interests people the most is how I used Orgasmic Lifeforce in my self-healing practise.  In a 45-minute talk I can hardly put into words what I explored then, what I still do now as a regular practise and what goes on for me through the process, as its not from the mind, so its almost impossible to do it justice during a ‘talk’. Tantra and energetic release through raising sexual energy is beyond words, it’s a whole-body experience. A meditation. A place of ‘no mind’.

So this event was designed to answer the many emails and questions I get about raising orgasmic energy and directing that for healing.

This free womans evening at my temple will include some explanation with Q&A time, but mostly energy raising exercises using breath, movement and visualisation to expand our awareness of Lifeforce flow within our own bodies.

This mini-workshop will give you practical guidance and insight into how to raise your life force energy within your own bodies without need for touch, for another person or any outside stimulus, and how to spread it throughout your whole system to create a full-body experience, and send it to the parts of ourselves which need love and healing.

It should also give you a taster for the two events I have coming up:

  • Raise Your Vibration (Brighton) 27th October
  • Womens Pleasure weekend (London) 25th-26th November

Free Womans Introduction to Tantra

Date: Thursday 5th October

Time: 7pm – 10pm

Cost: Completely free!!!!!!

Venue: Hassocks, Sussex.  Venue confirmed on booking.

Only 20 mins drive from Brighton, or an 8 minute train journey.  (Look out for the flamingos on the lawn)

With Jems extensive work with women of all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes her focus has always been on healing on many levels.  Her Tantric work facilitates people to build a relationship with their core being to develop a deeper connection to their inner-knowing.

What is Tantra I hear you cry…….?

Tantra teaches that our sexuality is sacred…that our aliveness as sexual beings is the dynamo of our being by healing the barriers we have created between sex, heart and spirit.

The Tantric practices Jem teaches open us up to a greater capacity to experience pleasure in all things and free us to expand emotionally and spiritually.

Jems events are practical, experiential workshops which introduce techniques that can be applied immediately in everyday life, to enrich our inner lives, our creativity and our relationships.

For more info or to book please e-mail Jem at


Raise Your Vibration

27th OctoberRichard Paice Photography-4863 copy

Access you inner-harmony and tune into the frequency of Bliss with this Harp led, Heart Opening workshop. This workshop will combine the sacred sounds of the harp with powerful intention setting, tantra meditations and manifesting exercises to explore your purpose and what you wish to bring forth into the world.

This deep work on the self, encourages us to release negative blocks and limiting beliefs that no longer serve us so that we may reach our highest potential.

You’ll be gently guided into your vision of what you wish to achieve in your life and you’ll leave inspired and open, ready to receive abundance in all forms, connected to your energy of creativity, joy and inner harmony.

Date: Friday 27th October

Time: 6.45pm – 9.15pm

Cost: £20 early-bird booking (before 15th Sept) and £25 thereafter.  Concs £15

Venue: Unity Studios (downstairs), 130a Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 3LG

Bring: Water bottle

Using the vibrations of live harpscapes, meditation, breath and energy work, Jem and Tracy will support you on a magical journey as you align with your authentic self and step into your magnificence.

About us:

Jem Ayres is a Tantra teacher and Life Coach leading empowering one-to-one sessions and workshops with groups, couples and individuals. Founder of Karmony Coaching her speciality is in guiding self-development processes through tantra, energy work and self-healing exercises. Jem also shares the practical, holistic approach and techniques which aided her recovery from terminal cancer. Her experience with cancer only helped to deepen her beliefs that the body, mind and soul are not separate entities but are interconnected. The practical tools she shares can enhance all areas of life for anyone wishing to step through their limiting beliefs and live a vibrant existence.

Tracy Jane Sullivan is a harpist specialising in Health and Wellbeing.  After performing internationally for 2 decades as a singer and songwriter, Tracy Jane fell in love with the harp, deeply moved by its magical sound and ability to bring joy and transformation to people’s lives.  Whilst studying under Dr Diana Rowan – founder of Sage Harpists (USA) – Tracy became inspired by clinical research demonstrating that live harp has appositive effect on the human body as well as the mind and spirit.  Following her desire to help others feel happier, healthier and more connected to their true selves, Tracy Jane co=creates with therapists and yoga teachers across the UK bringing the benefits of intuitive live harp music to a variety of classes, sessions and workshops.

To Book and contact info: 

For booking or for more info please email: or call Jem on 07525 175 922

Women’s Pleasure1006077_1431366533754264_2051355553_n

25th – 26th November. 

Weekend course

As a woman what is your pleasure? And what is getting in the way of your capacity to receive it?

Check out my You Tube video about Pleasure here

Women know there is more to our real pleasure and our sexuality than most of us are currently experiencing. Yet  but how do we access that and what holds us back from fully expressing ourselves? And how do we know and meet and our body’s needs and desires? Whatever pleasure you are having, or not having at the moment, it can always be deepened, whether that’s with yourself or with a partner. It always comes down to knowing our own bodies and releasing any blocks.  So lets start reframing what pleasure and ‘sex’ looks like to us.

The more we work with women in the arena of sexual expression and pleasure seeking, the more we hear stories of disappointment, frustration, and confusion around intimacy, sex and relationship.  It seems our bodies and our pleasure are a mystery to not only our partners, but also ourselves. Its time to change that.

Much of the media portrays female sexuality as male sexuality-lite and therefore if we don’t feel we have a high sex drive or performance skills we’re somehow broken.  Our bodies, our pleasure and our arousal can operate in very different ways to men, and we all know this. It is important that we understand that this doesn’t mean that they, or we, are wrong in our capacity for pleasure, just different.

However we often haven’t had the space to learn what is possible or to respond to things that are different to what we’ve already experienced.  Often once we’ve found a route that works, we stick to it and expect it to work for forever. Yet our bodies and desires change through our cycles and experiences, through our months and the people we meet and as we age and gain wisdom So our exploration of our sexuality can be an ever-developing practise of self-love.  There is no goal, there is no end point, there is no final destination, as our pleasure will always continue to grow and expand as our capacity is limitless. It turns out we’re the only ones holding it back.

In this 2-day deep yet light-hearted workshop about the serious business of pleasure, Tantrika Jem Ayres and sex coach Ali Grace offer to share with you new ideas and exercises they’ve gleaned from tantra temples and pioneering sex educators across the world.

Day 1 is understanding more about your own body, your capacity for connecting and enjoying your own feminine sexual energy.   Most of what blocks female pleasure is our capacity to receive.  This day is all about busting through the shame that’s holds us back from pleasure in all areas of our life.

Day 2 will focus on understanding what touch and sensual pleasure you might like that could be new to you.  And then we’ll work on building confidence in how to ask for it.    This is then wonderful to experiment when you are meeting with someone else to vary your pleasurable encounters and to share in your own pleasure.  This removes the pressure of the guess work, which ultimately allows both parties to relax into a deeper experience.

Recommended reading in preparation: ‘Come As You Are’ by Emily Nagoski.

(Entirely optional, can be purchased from Amazon for those of you keen beans who love the homework we set)

Date: Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th November.  (No over-night accommodation provided)

Time: 10am – 5pm both days

Cost: £160 early-bird (full payment received before 1st November) £180 thereafter.  Instalments: Send in your £60 deposit to secure your place and the remaining balance can be paid via instalments/ Payments via bacs only.

Venue: Plough Studios (Unit 4 & 5) 9 Park Hill, London, SW4 9NS

Bring: Water bottle, cushion(s) to sit on & blanket. A special object for the altar to express your intention.

Please also bring your own lunch.  There are places to eat nearby, but we want to get as much out of the day as possible, therefore not lose any participants in a long cue for a baguette.  Plus you may not feel like leaving the soft nurturing space we create to head off for lunch.

(Please note there is no accommodation provided for this workshop, but if you email us to join the Karmony Coaching Facebook page then there will be discussions on that group around accommodation arrangements and / or lift-sharing)

To book: For more info please call or e-mail Jem on 07525175922 or—>